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This is beautiful too me, and I’ve no idea why

This is awesome

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Do the Right Thing (1989) - dir. Spike Lee

Do the Right Thing is a beautifully crafted film about racism, pacifism, activism, and pride. It’s an unforgettable affair with one-of-a-kind characters, terrific performances, and honesty. Spike Lee is Spike Lee because of this film. Hell, every time I see this one it gets better and better. From the opening credits during Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” right on to the conflicting postgraphs from Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

If documentarians were as capable of showing both sides of humanity as Lee does here, no one would watch anything else. The script is flawless. Lee’s direction is flawless. Danny Aiello, Giancarlo Esposito, John Turturro and Ossie Davis are flawless. Do the Right Thing is not only a great example of filmmaking, but its also a great example of the relevancy of art, in any medium whatsoever.


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do you ever just sit around and think I’m in my twenties.


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A photo campaign explores the diverse experience that black students at Harvard have to face. 

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